An Aging American Population

By 2060, the 65 and older age group will more than double, according to the PEW Research Center’s 2015 projections. It is estimated that 98 million Americans will make up that age group in 2060, up from just 46 million in 2014.

In comparison, the under 18 age group is expected to increase by only 11.8% between now and 2060.

So why is the 65+ population growing at such a drastic rate, while the rest of the population growth rates are expected to remain the same over the next 35 years?

  1. Baby Boomers are aging.There are currently approximately 74.9 million Baby Boomers (aged 51-69) in the United States. The Baby Boomer population is second only to Millennials, of whom there are 75.4 million.
  2. People are living longer because of advances in science…In 1900, only 4% of the US population was over 65 years of age. Today, that age demographic makes up 14% of the population. Why? Because we’ve had major advances in medical sciences, like organ transplants and radiologic imaging.
  3. …And improved public health initiatives. Over the last century, everything from public sanitation to education surrounding health and wellness has improved dramatically. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was created in 1946 with a mission to improve field investigation, training, and control of communicable diseases. The CDC leads the charge in educating and preventing against known, new, and emerging diseases around the world and has more than 14,000 employees serving and protecting Americans.

One such advancement in the medical field has been the creation and advancement of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). More than 90% of respondents to the AARP’s “Healthy At Home” study said that they wanted to live at their own home for as long as possible. PERS systems help make this a possibility for many, by providing a “safety net” for users by allowing them to call for medical help with the simple push of a button.

Studies show that those who use a PERS system lived up to 6 years longer in their own space than those without this added security. Alert Sentry’s state-of-the-art systems give our clients an added insurance of wellbeing, and our three different products offer something for everyone. Call one of our representatives, available 24/7 to learn more.

Standard System

standard-pendantFor use with the Alert Sentry Standard System. Order for another person in the home or just to keep an extra button handy. Standard Pendants are waterproof, Necklace or Wristband. $29.95

Standard System – Safety at Home

Home based system, requires home landline phone. Design for in and immediately around the home.

Standard System Features and Benefits

  • Daily system test
    For your safety, the Alert Sentry System sends an automatic daily test. Don’t accept anything less.
  • The Alert Sentry Systems and Call Center are UL approved
    The Alert Sentry System and Call Center have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories for home health care signaling.
  • Email notification
    Should there be an activation of the Alert Sentry System we will send an email notification to those on the call list with an email address.
  • Main console has up to 80 hours of battery back-up
    To power your system in the event of a power failure.
  • No long term contracts
    When you no longer need or want the system, simply return it.
  • Waterproof pendant with Supervised Battery
    Your button is waterproof and automatically checks the battery level allowing you to stay safe at all times.
  • System portability
    For those of you with vacation homes or who move with the seasons, the Alert Sentry System can move with you at no additional charge.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Your system is covered for as long as you have it.
  • 30 Day-money back guarantee.

Key Storage Lock Box

lock-boxAllow EMT’s and responders access to your home safely without the need to force their way in. Simply place a spare house key in the secure key storage box. For your convenience, we offer both Door Knob Mount and Wall Mount styles. Order either style for only $19.95

iSAFE Mobile Responder

iSfaeThe iSAFE Mobile Responder offers revolutionary Two-Way communication directly though the pendant, allowing you to get help Anywhere, Anytime!

Click here to go to the iSAFE Mobile Responder Website!


iSAFE Mobile Responder Features and Benefits

  • Help beyond your driveway!
  • Two-way voice communication using powerful microphone and speaker to ensure call quality.
  • Small, Lightweight and Shower-safe.
  • Nationwide coverage, provided by T-Mobile.
  • Cellular Location Technology allows Response Center to notify the proper authorities and your personal responders as to the area your located.
  • One low monthly fee with no hidden charges.
  • iSAFE Mobile Responder can be easily worn as a necklace, on a keychain or carried in a pocket or purse.
  • No landline phone connection or base station required.
  • Location availability and accuracy is based on cellular network coverage in the area.