A Note from our President

We’re pleased to introduce the iSAFE Mobile Responder, you now can have Safety beyond your driveway! Safety for your active lifestyle shouldn’t be a limitation, and now it’s not. Click here to find our more about the iSAFE Mobile Responder I would also like to offer you my congratulations on taking this very important step that will allow you to live safely and independently at home and now out in the world as well! You’ve worked hard your entire life and retirement should be on your terms, for your active lifestyle and not in a nursing home. Unfortunately, it only takes one slip, one fall to end your independence. You need to be prepared. Taking care of yourself by anticipating for that “what if moment” in life before it happens will provide the security needed for independence. Making your home a safe environment by installing grab bars, smoke detectors, non-slip mats, etc. is good prevention, but only a Personal Emergency Response System like Alert Sentry will allow you to summon help when you need it. The information contained on this website will help you better understand why you need a medical alarm before an incident occurs and how the system works. Alert Sentry is your #1 choice to feel safe, be happy and, most importantly… live independently in your own home. Glenn Maxwell

Founder & President, Alert Sentry