About Alert Sentry

Alert Sentry is committed to providing extended personal freedom and safety both at home as well as on the road. We achieve this through leading-edge technology that allows you to summon help wherever the need should arise. Alert Sentry has been serving clients throughout the United States for more than a decade. Our systems have earned a national reputation for quality, service and performance.

Glenn Maxwell, one of the company’s founders, based the idea for Alert Sentry upon an actual real life experience in 1991, when Glenn’s grandmother suffered a fall in her driveway — she lay there for 6 hours, until the mail carrier arrived and provided aid.

Glenn, who had been in the alarm industry for over 20 years, looked for a system that would give his grandmother and people like her the ability to signal for help anywhere from the home. When he didn’t find one, he actually built his own personal emergency response system.

Technology has com a long way since 1991… Alert Sentry now protects people all across the nation not only at home but also when they’re on the go!