iSAFE Mobile Responder

iSfaeThe iSAFE Mobile Responder offers revolutionary Two-Way communication directly though the pendant, allowing you to get help Anywhere, Anytime!

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iSAFE Mobile Responder Features and Benefits

  • Help beyond your driveway!
  • Two-way voice communication using powerful microphone and speaker to ensure call quality.
  • Small, Lightweight and Shower-safe.
  • Nationwide coverage, provided by T-Mobile.
  • Cellular Location Technology allows Response Center to notify the proper authorities and your personal responders as to the area your located.
  • One low monthly fee with no hidden charges.
  • iSAFE Mobile Responder can be easily worn as a necklace, on a keychain or carried in a pocket or purse.
  • No landline phone connection or base station required.
  • Location availability and accuracy is based on cellular network coverage in the area.