Alert Sentry Introduces Cutting-Edge Advancements to their line of iSAFE Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems

Alert Sentry Group LLC., a leader in the Personal Emergency Response System industry, introduced advanced models of MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems), the iSAFE and the iSAFE Plus. These iSAFE products are the most affordable and most advanced medical alert systems on the market. The first of their kind, the iSAFE and iSAFE Plus offer direct GPS Location and two-way calling with the push of a button on a nationwide 3G wireless network. Users remain connected to safety and loved ones anytime, anywhere. HandrightturnedStraight (002)

To call for help, users simply push the easy-to-find button and are immediately connected via two-way communication to Alert Sentry’s CSAA 5 Diamond Certified US-based Call Center. For added support and security, a text message is also sent out to the user’s predetermined contacts to notify them that their loved one or client has issued a call for help. The cutting-edge audio capabilities on the new iSAFE units are clear, loud, and allow users to speak with Alert Sentry’s trained Call Center operators with ease and clarity.

These sleek, lightweight new devices weigh in at just 1.5 ounces and can be worn as a necklace, on a belt clip or as a wristband, all of which are included with the product. The units are also water-resistant and can be worn in the shower, the most common place for falls to occur.

The iSAFE and iSAFE Plus are offered at an affordable monthly rate, no equipment costs or long-term contracts.

iSAFE includes:

  • Direct GPS Location, sends the user’s location directly to the monitoring center
  • Connectivity to a nationwide 3G wireless network keeping users safe in all 50 states
  • Extended battery life of up to 72 hours
  • Crystal clear audio quality

iSAFE Plus includes all of the above, plus:

  • The ability to Locate Loved One (LLO) by checking the unit’s location
  • Fall detection capabilities, which place an automatic call to the Call Center if the device’s motion sensors detect a fall
  • A Geo-Fencing feature which notifies loved ones or caregivers if the user travels outside their pre-programmed “safe zone”
  • A ring on request feature to help users find their responders should they be misplaced

Alert Sentry’s iSAFE and iSAFE Plus are available for purchase at http://alertsentry.com.


Since its 2003 founding, Alert Sentry has focused on keeping people safe both at home and on the go. Alert Sentry offers a complete line of Personal Emergency Response Systems including the market’s most advanced MPERS; the iSAFE and the iSAFE Plus. Alert Sentry offers the best systems at the most affordable prices.

Alert Sentry operates through a nationwide dealer network. Authorized dealers provide their customers with the full line of Alert Sentry PERS and MPERS devices while receiving full support and customer service from the Alert Sentry team. To learn more about our constantly expanding dealer network, contact our headquarters.