I Object!

We get it.

No one really wants a personal medical alarm. Just like no one really wants to pay for insurance, right?
The thing is, we know if someone has an accident and needs help, the medical button could save a life.
But how can we relay this to our loved ones??
Here are a few common objections with responses that may help educate our clients:

“I’m not that old yet!”
  • Every year, 1 out of 4 people over 65 yrs old fall causing broken bones and head trauma.
  • Easily hide the 1.5 oz pendant under your clothing.
“I have a cell phone to use if I need help.”
  • If you cannot reach your phone, or speak to tell 911 what’s wrong, it’s no use. With the simple press the medical alarm button around your neck or wrist, the emergency specialists already know all your personal information; your location, address, caregivers, medicines, allergies, etc.
“My parents will be offended if I suggest a medical button.”
  • Explain it’s peace of mind for you when not with them. You worry because you care!