What people are saying about Alert Sentry

Thank you for your excellent service; it was of great comfort to know you were just a push of a button away. We would highly recommend your company to others.

Sincerely yours,

Patricia H., Florida

My grandmother fell and sprained her ankle. She lives with my grandfather so I was hesitant to consider a medical alarm when the nurse suggested she get one.

To ease my mind, I decided to look into our options.  I am so glad I did! Not even a week later, she fell when making the bed and my grandfather couldn’t hear her yelling for help.
She ended up pushing her button. My grandfather her the unit go off and was able to find her and help her up.

This simple, small button she wears around her neck means the world to me!

Gina., South Carolina

My mother has had your system for over four years. Your service has been wonderful and has allowed my mother to remain in her home until now, she is 102 years old! I would recommend it to everyone needing security while living at home.

Claudia R., Michigan

Richard has had your system for over two years and your service saved his life on more than one occasion, which we remain grateful.


John V., Maryland

Your machine gave me peace of mind as at night. I knew mom had something she could push and someone was there to help her if needed.

Thank you,

Maria R., Rhode Island

My Aunt has had your system for years and never needed it and just recently had asked us to send it back but we insisted she keep it. Wouldn’t you know it, two weeks later she fell outside and needed to push her button. You had emergency services there in minutes to help her up, I can’t thank you enough!

P.S. She has decided the system is a good idea!


Mark J., Massachusetts

My mother had the Alert Sentry System for over seven years without which she would not have remained at home. We have now decided it was time she moved to assisted living. I cannot tell you how much the Alert Sentry unit and all of your staff helped my brothers and I get through all the difficult times. I tell everyone that if they want to live at home they need to call you and get a system.

Warm Regards,

Dave S., Maine